1. Basic Rules:

Team torunament, Swish, Resurrection, 6 Rounds. Team results are the important ones for results (See point 6).

2. General Rules:

LRB6 with all the latest rules accepted by the NAF

LRB6 races + Chaos Pact, Underworld, Slann, Khorne & Bretonia

(IN) Famous Coaching Staff form DZ2 can be used

When arguing the call after getting sent off by the reff, if a 6 is rolled, the player will remain on the pitch. With a 1, coach is sent off and the team will get a -1 for Brilliant Coaching rolls. 


You can check the NAF rules for tournaments here:

3. Roster setting:

NO TIERS. All races will count with 1.050.000 GP to create their roster (TR 105)

Before adding any Star Player, the team must have at least 11 players from the basic roster.

Each team will have 150K GP to add skills or attributes to their players at the following cost:

  • 20K simple skill

  • 30K double skill, or +1MOV or +1AR

  • 40 K +1AG

  • 50K +1ST

Maximum of 50K spent on any given player.

Part of the money for skills can also be spent on the roster.

Although there are no TIERS, following races will have some extra benefits:

  • Goblins > One Bribe for free

  • Halflings > May buy the Cheff for 50K

  • Ogres > One free Appo or Bloodweiser Keg (choose)

  • Vampires > One free Bloodweiser Keg


4 Squads:

Each Squad is made of 4 or 5 coaches. Five coaches’ teams will sit out one of their players on each round. The fifth player on five coaches´ squads can´t help the other players while sitting out. We encourage him/her to bring beer and hot dogs for the playing coaches.


Each coach of the squad will have to use a different race (only one wood elf per team, for example).

5 Pairings:

First round pairings will be randomly generated. But, if both squads agree, there is the chance to throw out a challenge to another squad in order to play on the first round. The individual matches must also be agreed and information sent to the organization in advance. For the rest of the rounds, the swiss format will be used to create the pairings.

6 Points and Tiebreakers:
Each squad will win points after each round depending on the squad results. Squad result is the important one, not the sum of the individual ones:

Squad Win: 2 Ptos
Squad Draw: 1 Ptos
Squad Loss: 0 Ptos

The squad wins if they sum up more wins than losses in the 4 matches played.

For tiebraker the following criteria will be followed:

1. If both teams have played each other, the result of their match is the first tiebreaker
2. Sum of the Rival Points
3. Sum of the Individual Points of the Team Coaches
4. TD scored by the team
5. CAS made by the team
6. Coin flip (hopefully won´t be needed)


For the individual ranking, the following points will be awarded:

Win: 5 Ptos
Draw: 2 Ptos
Loss: 0 Ptos

Conceed: -5 points
**: conceeding means the result is 2-0 and 2-0 in CAS and be publicly bullied. Friendly playing is highly encouraged

For individual tiebraker the following criteria will be followed:

1. If both coaches have played, the result of their match is the first tiebreaker
2. Sum of the Rival Points
3. TD scored
4. CAS made

5. Coin flip (hopefully won´t be needed)

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