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1.  Basic Points
This is a Tag Team Tournament consisting in 4 to 5 members squads. One of this members must be the elected Captain. Captain's duties are: transmit all the info of the tournament to her mates, sign the Results of the Round act, attend to the Captain's Meeting before Round 1 and have a lot of charisma.

This is a Resurrection type of tournament. All injuries are ignored once the match is over, having your full roster for the next round. 

To know how to register go to this page INSCRIBIRSE.

2. Tiers
Historically, Bilbali Cup has never had such Tiers. We try to stay Semper Fidelis. Blood Bowl is an unfare game and we try to keep it that way. 

3. Roster Construction


Player -> Individual miniature

Coach -> The person that moves the minis and prays to Nuffle for good dice

Team -> At least 11 players that jump to the field to win a match, managed by a Coach

Squad -> 4 to 5 coaches that play together against their rivals to win the Txapelas of txapeldunes


Every coach has 1.100.000 GC to make their team attending to these limitations:

  • Any inducement is available if it is in the BB2020 rulebook or in the Death Zone rulebook. Only Mercenaries and Giants are out and are not available.

  • Rules published in Spike! Magazines are available up to Spike! #13, included. No rules from Spike! #14 apply to the tournament (no new Norses, sorry)

  • Non spent gold is lost 

  • 0-1 Star Player per team (11 players from basic roster needed before any star player)

  • If you can Raise the Dead, the player will stay on your team until the match finishes 


Big Three:

Griff Oberwald, Morg N’ Thorg and Hakflem Spluttespike are the Big Three, the triumvirate of Blood Bowl, la crème de la crème, the pitch-walking-gods, the G-3... Stars so popular and so lofty that they cannot accept that another player from the Big Three shares squad with them. Because of that, only 1 coach in any given squad may hire the services of a Star Player from the Big Three. Rest of the coaches of the squad may hire any other Star Player, if they feel so, but must be a Star Player not member of the Big Three.

In addition to that, which player is going to consider themselves Leaders of a team if one of this shinny bright stars is sharing colours? Teams with one member of the Big Three in the roster, may not select Leader as one of the given skills.


Given skills:

Every team will have access to given skills to distribute among their players (not star players)

Roster without Star Players -> 6 normal skills y 1 double skill.

Roster with Star Player (but not from the Big Three) -> 6 normal skills.

Roster with Star Player from the Big Three -> 5 normal skills.

Up to 2 skills may be given to the same player, any number of players. So it is OK to give, for example, 2 skills to 3 players and have a fourth one with 1 if the roster has no Star Players (adding 6+1, ok).


Confederacy Rerroll:

Squads that come to the tournament with 4 playing teams that share it’s racial rule (Badland Brawlers, Elven Kingdom League, etc) will have at it’s disposal a Confederacy Rerroll. This is a one-use rerroll available each round. The captain of the squad will be responsable of deciding who in the squad may use it, and when. He may decide it as a request from his coach-mates or on his own (“Captain, let me use the Confederacy Rerroll!! I really need it to reroll this Sprint!!!”). The racial rule“Favoured of…” counts as the same racial rule no matter which god has been chosen.

Beware! The only exception to the published rulebook is Tomb Kings, that will be also part of the Lustrian Superleague

Badlands Brawl

Black Orcs, Goblins, Ogre, Orc, Chaos Dwarf

League of Elven Kingdom

Dark Elves, Elven Union, Wood Elves, High Elves

Lustrian Superleague 

Lizard, Amazon, Slann, Tomb Kings

Old World Classic

Dwarf, Halflings, Human, Imperial Nobility, Ogre, Old World Alliance, Norse

Silvan Selective

Necromantic, Shambling Undead, Tomb Kings, Vampire

Underworld Challenge

Goblins, Snotlings, Skaven, Underworld

Favorite of...

Chaos, Chaos Renegades, Nurgle, Chaos Dwarf, Khorne

4. Squadas
Every squad must consists in 4 or 5 coaches. Only 4 coaches, chosen by the Captain, will play each round. The 5th coach will have to stay out of the games, giving 0 "coaching" to her mates. Obviously, "coaching" between playing coaches is also forbbiden. The only legal "coaching" is that one refering to Squad Tactics, for example: "You must win this match if we want to win the round, go for the win" or "A tie is good for us, do not risk" or even "Oh man.... you are so bad... please do not loose 0-3 again, how can you be our captain??".

5. Pairings
First round is done as a blind draft. Subsequent rounds are organized as in any Swiss tournament.
An Individual scoring will be held to organize coaches in the squads. In every round you will be facing the coach of the opposing squad who has more or less the same points as you.  

6. How to win the tournament (points and tiebreakers)

This is how the squads win points:
Victory: 2 Pts
Tie: 1 Pts
Lost: 0 Pts
A squad wins the round if they got more victorys than the opposing squad. Individual points are not used for this matter. 
The Txapeldun (winner) of the tournament is the squad who got more points after 6 rounds. Being the Tie-Breakers:

1. Squad Points
2. Result of the round between the tied squads
3. Opposing Squads Points
4. Individual Points of the coaches of each squad
5. TD Net 
6. TD+
7. CAS+
8. Random

Individual Coaches
There is an individual ranking carried along the tournament to give a prize to the "best" coach of the weekend. Every individual coach will recieve points as stated here:

Winning a game: 7 Pts
Tie: 3 Pts
Lost: 0 Pts
Concession/Give Up: -5 Pts
**: When a coach gives up the game, it will count as a 2-0 loss, both for TD and CAS. Will lose 5 points and will receive public humilliation

To know who is the individual champion, following criteria will be followed in this order (for tie breaking):
1. Points
2. Rival Points
3. TD Net 
4. TD+
5. CAS+
6. Random

Last rules/clarifications:
+ If a Coach (by an unfortunate mistake, for sure) puts 12+ players on the field, this will be the procedure: if the ball is not in play (coaches notice the infraction before the kick off) the coach with extra players will take out to the bench the necessary players to have 11 on the field. If the infraction is detected while tha ball is in play (after the kick off) random players from the 12+ players team will be sent to KO by the referee and his beloved pointed stick. If one of this randomly selected players is the ball carrier, the player will leave the ball in his square before running for his live, this will make that there is no turnover (but the player will be sent to KO as well). 

+ The dice given by the staff to the coaches is a gift and its use is not mandatory. What it really is mandatory is to share the dice pool if asked by one of the coaches. If you plan to use this rule, please bring Hand Sanitizer.

The Faboulus Awards:

Winners: Golden Ork and Txapela

2nd Qualified: Silver Ork and Txapela

3rd Qualified: Bronze Ork and Txapela

Last squad: Olentzeros award

Most TD Team: Cups

Most CAS Team: Cups

Best Defense Team: Cups

Most Sent Off Team: Cups

Best Costume: Surprise Award

Best Coach: Golden Ork