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The registration fee gives the right to play the 6 games and the obligation to bring the teams perfectly painted. The rest will be provided by the organization: playing fields, benches, scoreboards, dice, soft drinks, fruit and food for Saturday... and the chance to win the wonderful prizes.


Due to space limitations in the new venue and in order not to risk your comfort, the capacity will be restricted to 60 groups.

ABOUT THE PAINTING: Since the first Bilbali Cup we have always taken to heart that to play this tournament you only have to bring your team, the rest is provided by us. There is only one demand that we make to you coaches: YOU MUST BRING YOUR TEAM PAINTED. It is your only obligation to the tournament and it is a sign of respect for the rest of the coaches who have bothered to paint their team. We are evaluating what to do, but be sure that there will be some kind of punishment for those who come with unpainted equipment.


All groups registered between February 1 and March 31 will be able to register at a price of 40€ per person.

All groups registered between April 1st and June 20th will be able to register at a price of 45€ per person.

Open signing up closes on June 20. After that time no more groups will be admitted unless to maintain a total of even groups and only if we have not reach

maximum capacity, 60 groups.

To register for the tournament, Captain, follow the steps below:

 1.- Download the form that you will find on this page: . Have the captain fill in all the necessary fields and send it to

 2.- After verifying that the form is OK, the organization will send an email indicating to which account the bank transfer should be made with the total amount.

 3.- Once paid, the registration will be considered completed in the absence of step 4.

4.- Send the rosters of the whole group in a single mail and a single file (Thanks

Dreamscreator! You are the best) before July 05th


Registration includes:

1.- Playing the tournament

2.- 3 block dice, 2d6, d8 and d16.

3.- 3 metal coins: Leader RR, Bomb Marker and Prone/Stunned for Big Guys

4.- Saturday lunch: cold lunch served in boxes including sandwich, candy, water...

5.- All-you-can-eatanddrink soft drinks and fruit throughout the duration of the tournament.


We organize 2 dinners for Saturday the 20th:

- Galtzagorri cider house: we did not miss our date with the txuletón and the txotx! Cider house menu consisting of black pudding, chorizo, red peppers, cod omelette, txuleton (t-bone) and walnuts and quince jelly for dessert. Of course, the kupelas will be ready for you to serve all the ciders you want (all you can drink cider). 22:00 38€/person, V.A.T. included. 70 seats maximum. Do not wait until the last minute to register and secure your seat.

- Txoko Piperrak; this year we incorporate a second dinner at the well-known Txoko Piperrak (a txoko is like a gastronomic private club, very typical in the Basque Country, this one is open to everyone). Menu based on starters (salad, Iberian jamón and assorted croquettes) plus half a portion of cod in pil pil sauce (typical from Basque country, sauce made with oil and garlic), half a portion of entrecote with garnish, dessert and coffee. Drinks: wine rioja crianza, rosé, rueda, beer... 1 bottle for every 2 people. 31 € V.A.T. included. Maximum 80 seats. Do not wait until the last minute to register and secure your seat.


If you want to participate in any of the two dinners, please indicate it in the form when you register. In the form you can add more people to the dinner (boyfriends/girlfriends, friends who come with you, etc) but please, keep it rational, it is a dinner for the players. If you do this, please let us know in the mail and put it in the form.

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