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Registration gives right to play 6 matches and the obligation to bring your team painted. The rest of things needed to play will be provided by the organization: fields, benches, tokens, dices, ball and a meal for Saturday's lunch. Every year we make a gift for all participants and of course this year will not be different.

All registered squads before 16th of April will receive additional prize: d16 + d8.

To register on the tournament simply click Registration Form icon to download the Registration Form. Fulfill it and send it to

We encourage to use Dreamscreator roster for this matter, you can find it here (it has an english option).

Once all the information is checked, we will send you payment information. REGISTRATION IS NOT FULFILLED UNTIL PAYMENT IS DONE.


Registration is 35€ per team member. Registration includes:

1.- Playing the tournament

2.- 3 block dice + 2d6

3.- 2 conmemorative metal coins: apothecary, bribe

4.- Surprise Gift!

5.-Saturday's lunch: Sandwiches + Chips. FOOD ALLERGIES?? INTOLERANCES?? LET US KNOW

6.- Sodas, fruits and sweets along the tournament, all-you-can-eat

Take into account that we are organizing 2 different dinners for Saturday evening:


1) Cider House: Typical basque food including T-Bone steaks and all-the-cider-you-can-drink for 36€ per person. The place is Sidreria Galtzagorri in the Santutxu neighborhood. Dinner starts at 22:00. 80 people is maximum number of attendees.

2) Pintxo Party: big catering with around 5 pintxos and 2 drinks (beer, soda or water) per person for 16€ per person in Malatesta Bar in the old town of Bilbao. If you have any food allergies and/or intolerances, let us know in advance!!


You can put your chosen dinner in the Registration Form. Whana bring extra people to dinner not from the team? No problem while it makes sense. Put it in the form and say it to us in the mail.



June 16 is closing date for registration. From that moment on we will admit new squads only if the toal number stays even.

July 2 is also closing date for sending the rosters.

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